Please carry your Mask with you at all times. 
(You are welcome to wear your Mask inside our store at any time!)

  • If you are not vaccinated for Covid-19 you MUST wear a Mask at all times.
  • If there are children in the BookShelf we will ask you to put your Mask on as they are not eligible for Vaccination at this time.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and there are NO children in the BookShelf you do not need to wear a Mask.
Your New and Used Neighborhood Bookstore.

The Hockessin BookShelf is a new and used bookstore located in Hockessin, Delaware established in 2002. Like our state, the BookShelf, with 826 square feet of inventory space, is a small wonder. We stock a little bit of everything with our largest sections being fiction, mystery, romance and children’s books.

Jen Blab is the new owner of the Hockessin BookShelf. She has always been a reader and worked in bookstores for years, even managing one for a while. Then she switched to libraries, working at the Kennett Library for the past few years. Jen absolutely loves books and is thrilled to take over ownership of the Hockessin BookShelf as the prior owner, Rebecca Dowling, relocates to California.


Events have become an integral part of our store, in 2014 we completed renovations which allowed us to hold more events in house. We now host authors, both nationally and locally published, non-author events, book clubs and workshops. For us the Shop Local movement is a way of life and our store’s health is dependent on the health of our neighbors. Maintaining strong community partnerships is very important to us; story time at the Woodside Farm Creamery during the summer, Book Groups at local restaurants, Cookbook Club at Delaware Nature Society’s Coverdale Farm Preserve, and collaborations with local schools and teachers are just a few examples.

At the Hockessin BookShelf we are known for our customer service and a well-read staff — we love books and our reading habits are eclectic, covering all niches from genres to literature, biographies to children’s books. We have become the go to store for summer reading, book groups and fun in-store promotions.

Meet Our Staff



Describe your role at the Hockessin BookShelf - What do you do? Owner, Bookseller, Book Buyer, Eat Drink Read Book Group Leader, Facebook Admin, Event Coordinator, Manager of Mischief.

What is your favorite book? My Ántonia by Willa Cather.

Besides reading, I also like to ... spend time with my family, take my dog on hikes, listen to Podcasts, write letters to friends & family, play board games & do puzzles.

Where is the best place to grab a quick meal in Hockessin? The Perfect Cup. I love their breakfast burritos!

What books do you like to recommend? Fiction/Contemporary Lit/Classics. Some of my go-to authors are Wallace Stegner, Ann Patchett, Louise Erdrich, and Cormac McCarthy.

What is your favorite part of being a bookseller? I get to be immersed in books…what could be better?


Event & Marketing Manager

Describe your role at the Hockessin BookShelf? Store Manager, Bookseller, Graphic Designer, Social Media Coordinator, Mystery Lovers Book Club Leader.

What is your favorite book? I love books and it’s hard to choose, so I will go with the first book I truly loved, Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins.

Besides reading, I also like to … Spend time with my daughters and stream tv, play mah jongg, go to wine tastings, bake, create event decor, but mostly READ!

Where is the best place to grab a quick meal in Hockessin? Redfire Grill - I love their chopped salad!

What books do you like to recommend? I like mysteries and contemporary fiction - I usually recommend Lisa Unger, Harlan Coben, and Vaseem Khan; Kristin Hannah, Diane Chamberlain, and Joshilyn Jackson. My guilty pleasure is magical realism and I recommend Lev Grossman, Jordanna Max Brodsky and Samantha Shannon.

What is your favorite part of being a bookseller? Smelling the books, holding the books, talking to our customers about books… and opening a new box of advanced reader copies and discovering what is inside!


Children's Bookseller

Describe your role at the Hockessin BookShelf - What do you do? Children's Bookseller

What is your favorite book? Just one! I really don't know how to chose the book that I love the most. It's like choosing which kid is your favorite. But since I'm being ``forced``, I'll choose the one that I read over and over again as a young reader-Black Beauty.

Besides reading, I also like to ... Besides reading I love to be with my family. My daughters are young so I try to enjoy all the time I can with them. I also am always in the kitchen. I love cooking, baking, and eating.

Where is the best place to grab a quick meal in Hockessin? Okura Japanese Restaurant- The spicy rainbow roll is my FAVORITE!

What books do you like to recommend? I love a good mystery/ thriller like B.A. Paris' Behind Closed Doors.I have a guilty pleasure that is the Janet Evanovich series Stephanie Plum. I also enjoy reading fiction, personal development, and biographies. And of course children's picture books with my family.

What is your favorite part of being a bookseller? My favorite part of being a bookseller is I get share my passion for reading with others. The most beautiful thing about books is that they bring people together!

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